Streamlining Campus Recycling and Waste Management with TrashBot

TrashBot’s smart sorting and real-time education are revolutionizing sustainability efforts on campus

Creating a Culture of Sustainability: How Campuses can Foster a Greener Future through Waste Management Programs

A pre-pandemic report from Resource Recycling Systems showed 63% of schools sampled have an established recycling program on campus, with an average recycling rate of 24%, 8% below the current national average.

Universities and campuses represent a substantial opportunity for sustainability in waste management. As community leaders, universities can provide the knowledge and resources to boost innovation. Additionally, college students will be the ones making decisions about recycling programs, both individually and at the policy level. Campuses have the opportunity to shape students’ world views and to demonstrate their commitment to a sustainable future.

TrashBot: Combining AI and Robotics for Cost-Effective Waste Management on Campus

CleanRobotics has developed TrashBot, a smart recycling bin powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that sorts discarded items and collects data on user habits, collected items, and the impact of education at the point of disposal. This innovative and cost-effective solution not only revolutionizes recycling but also provides clean data to empower decision-making for administrators and users.

The integration of TrashBot technology into university research programs offers experiential learning opportunities across multiple disciplines, such as:

  • Data Analytics and Analysis
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Robotics
  • Applied Technology Management
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Social and Behavioral Science
  • Business

Students will draw upon knowledge from their coursework and apply critical thinking skills to analyze and utilize the data collected by TrashBots, conduct student surveys, create content for the TrashBot monitors, and ultimately, create a project report. 

Putting trash to the test

Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) found in its latest waste audit that over 60% of all the waste it sends to landfill can be composted or recycled. Food waste alone accounts for the greatest percentage of material in landfills.*

TrashBot streamlines waste auditing by generating data on every item of waste that passes through its system. No more manually digging through the trash – get access to comprehensive data when and where you need it. Track your progress and make more informed decisions.

*U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

More TrashBot Impacts

  • Sorts 30,000 items with 90% accuracy, compared to conventional sorting’s 30% accuracy.
  • Diverts 1,800 lbs of recyclables, compared to 650 lbs with conventional bins.
  • Saves five tons of CO2 from being emitted, equivalent to taking one car off the road for a year.
  • Enhanced experiential learning for students, preparing them for real-world employment opportunities in STEM-based careers.

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