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CleanRobotics is opening up a new program to replace all of your facilities waste stations with TrashBots for free. Contact Sales to learn more

Improve Waste Diversion

CleanRobotics’ TrashBot™ sorts waste more accurately than people. Powered by AI and a cloud connected robotic system, we improve diversion with less waste and more recyclables. For many facilities, this means instant savings with a reduced landfill footprint.

Educate Consumers How to Recycle

Educate the public and your employees on how to recycle and reduce their waste footprint. With the built in screen and content management system, tailoring messages for your organization’s sustainability goals.

Autonomous Waste Audits

Paying to have workers dig through and weigh garbage is expensive, time consuming, messy and dangerous. With CleanRobotics technology, audits are only a simple click away. No more digging through dumpsters!

Photo — A line of workers separate recyclables from landfill waste at a recycling facility.

There is a need for better recycling solutions.

Recycling rules are confusing.

With so many products these days, it can be hard to know what is, or is not, recyclable.

We get highly contaminated recyclables.

When something doesn’t belong in the recycling bin, it taints good recyclables.

No one is buying contaminated recyclables.

In 2018, China went from taking 50% of US recyclables to almost zero because of high contamination. This sudden shift has plunged the global industry into a crisis.

Awards & Certificates

CleanRobotics has been recognized for our innovations in technology and sustainable impact.

CleanRobotics News

The Effects of COVID-19 on the Circular Economy

The Effects of COVID-19 on the Circular Economy

These are troubling times, for businesses, families, individuals, and society. What about for the environment? While some look at the COVID-19 pandemic for all the bad it’s done, we’re choosing to look at it from a more positive...

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Two new TrashBot Models to Improve Waste Recovery

Two new TrashBot Models to Improve Waste Recovery

In honor of Earth Day, the new models enable facilities to further optimize their sorting and recycling programs. CleanRobotics Inc. announced today that it will begin offering two additional models of TrashBot, their automated waste...

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