Frequently Asked Questions

General Product-related Questions

What is TrashBot?

Trashbot is a smart recycling bin that sorts waste at the point of disposal.

Is TrashBot a robot?

Yes, TrashBot is an automated machine that combines robotics, AI, and machine learning to divert the disposed item into its corresponding bin.

How does TrashBot work?

Once an item has been inserted into TrashBot, the waste chamber moves the item to the camera for identification and ultimately to the proper bin for disposal. Recycling items will be assigned to recycling, organics to their corresponding bin, and the rest of the waste or contaminated items will be assigned to the landfill bin. 

Will TrashBot sort multiple items at a time?

TrashBot works optimally with one item at a time but can handle receiving multiple items. If there is no detected contamination and all items go to the same stream, then yes. If the items are going to different streams, TrashBot will send the items to the landfill bin in order to avoid contamination.

What is on the TrashBot screen and what is its purpose?

TrashBot’s screen displays data-driven educational content and other custom messaging. This content is managed through our CMS, and it’s customized for each client/facility.

Does TrashBot get confused by certain items?

Yes, but luckily TrashBot is very good at recognizing circular materials. Items like shoes, not so much.

What items are too big for TrashBot?

Objects larger than a gallon of milk or exceeding 8 lbs can be an issue.

How long does it take to sort an item?

4 to 6 seconds. The cycle time is the period between disposals.

How many waste streams can TrashBot sort?

The system can sort 2, 3, or 4 separate waste streams.

Can TrashBot be customized for my local recycling requirements?

Yes, every TrashBot is calibrated to your local waste rules and regulations before it’s deployed.

Can I buy TrashBot for my home?

The short answer is no. Because of its dimensions and capability, TrashBot is best for big facilities with high traffic such as airports, stadiums, and hospitals. It is also recommended to have multiple units of our smart bin throughout one facility to capture the most waste possible.

Connectivity and AI Questions

How accurate is TrashBot’s AI?

TrashBot sorts waste items with 95% accuracy.

How often does the Dashboard Update?

Every 15 minutes.

Does the AI improve over time?

Yes, TrashBots share data, learn from each other, and are always getting better.

Manufacturing & Warranty Questions

Where are TrashBots manufactured?

TrashBot is designed and manufactured in the USA.

Do TrashBots include a warranty?

Yes, every TrashBot sold has a warranty that includes preventative health checks, service, and maintenance (unless specifically stated otherwise).

Can I buy a clear TrashBot?

No, unfortunately, the metal components in TrashBot are unable to be replaced with clear alternatives.

Product Specifications Questions

How heavy is TrashBot?

TrashBot weighs approximately 250 lbs. which is equal to 113 Kg.

How tall is TrashBot?

TrashBot is approximately 73 in tall. which is around 185 cm. The unit dimensions are 44 x 23.5 x 48 in (112 x 60 x 122 cm), and the monitor on top is 43.5 x 25 in (110.5 x 58 cm).

What is TrashBot’s capacity?

80 Gallons or 304 Liters Total. The exact capacity of bins is dependent on the configuration of the system. Please find Imperial and Metric examples below.


2 Streams = 40 Gal + 40
3 Streams = 40 Gal + 20 + 20
4 Streams = 20 Gal + 20 + 20 + 20


2 Streams = 152 Liters + 152
3 Streams = 152 Liters + 76 + 76
4 Streams = 76 Liters + 76 + 76 + 76

What kind of power does TrashBot need to operate?

With the new TrashBot Zero, you only need one power outlet as the monitor is now powered by TrashBot.

How much electricity does TrashBot use?

250kWh to 400kWh with moderate to heavy use.

Operational Questions

What is TrashBot’s cycle time?

This is the time from when an end user throws away a piece of trash to when the gantry is back lined up with the deposit opening allowing another piece of trash. The new TrashBot Zero’s cycle time is 6 seconds.

How can I know when TrashBot is full?

You will be able to view how full each TrashBot is on your personalized TrashBoard. This will help keep your custodian team on track with TrashBots in more remote areas of your facility that may not get tended to regularly. TrashBot still needs the sensing chamber to be maintained clean to prevent future jams or sorting issues.

Does TrashBot provide jam notifications?

Yes, you will be notified in two ways if your Trashbot should ever get jammed.

1. The TrashBot logo on the unit will change colors to signal a jam to your housekeeping and/or maintenance staff.

2. You will also be notified on the Dashboard under the TrashBot fleet.

To note: We are currently working on a way to notify our customers when TrashBot bins are full; we will collect customer feedback on ways they would like to be notified, though email will be the more viable option.