CleanRobotics Launches New Interactive Content Feature for TrashBot 

LONGMONT, CO.–Recycling tech startup CleanRobotics announces new features in its autonomous waste-sorting bin, TrashBot, that will enable it to deliver custom content in response to users throwing away waste. 

TrashBot revolutionizes the recycling process by sorting waste at the point of disposal using AI and driving user engagement around waste diversion and recycling. TrashBot also collects high-quality data on every piece of waste deposited and provides on-demand, cloud-based waste audits. TrashBot has proven to be an excellent solution for high-traffic areas where improper sorting and excessive contamination have been considerable obstacles to successful recycling and composting.  

With its newest feature, TrashBot will be able to display custom educational content based on disposed items and respond to users with feedback in real time. Once TrashBot sorts the waste item into the correct bin inside, the user will get a helpful tip based on the item they just threw away, acknowledging the completion of the process and providing education. Using TrashBot’s waste data, the CleanRobotics team will continue to develop relevant educational content reflecting the trends of its host facility. 

“One of the more compelling aspects of TrashBot’s tech is its AI-based sorting algorithm, which correctly identifies objects at the point of disposal, leading to 95% stream accuracy. With the introduction of our new interactive content feature, the TrashBot’s AI system has gotten just a bit smarter,” says CleanRobotics’ Senior Director of Software and AI, Richard Galvez, PhD. “With this feature, TrashBot can now react to the precise item disposed and educate users on context-specific tips related to the detected item. For example, although identifying plastic bottles and diverting them from landfill is great enough, the TrashBot’s AI can now also advise the user to empty out water from their plastic bottles before disposal so they can be properly recycled.” 

CleanRobotics believes that lack of public education presents a significant barrier to recycling and has invested substantial effort into ensuring TrashBot is easy to use and drives more behavior change. By deploying TrashBot units nationwide in airports, hospitals, and stadiums, the company projects TrashBots can educate millions of visitors over time, foster a sense of environmental responsibility, and encourage actions to support a circular future. 

“TrashBot’s new dynamic content feature will expand the reach of the education provided by creating a more engaging environment for the user. Our customers will now be able to leverage this engagement of their facility population by helping users understand where their waste is going and how it affects the waste management system and our environment,” says Alexandra Niesen, Associate Director of Customer Success for CleanRobotics. “As we continue to track unique patterns through our customer’s waste data, we can utilize dynamic content to change the way the world thinks about trash and how we throw it away.” 

A mission-driven company combining recycling AI, robotics, computer vision, and machine learning, CleanRobotics brings new life to recycling programs and the circular economy. The CleanRobotics team is driven by the core belief that sorting waste accurately at the source is the best way to ensure recyclables and other recoverable materials are diverted from landfills, driving substantial environmental impact. CleanRobotics’ mission ensures the effectiveness of recycling programs at high-traffic facilities while securing the ROI of such programs. 

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