Principal Software Architect

Dec 10, 2020

Job Description

Overview:  CleanRobotics is a mission driven startup reinventing the way we recycle across the globe. Our flagship product, Trashbot™, is a smart waste receptacle that eliminates pitfalls commonly associated with waste collections by identifying and robotically sorting items as they are thrown away. Our data helps facilities save money and approach zero waste while materially impacting their carbon footprint.


Scope:  We are currently looking for a top-notch Software Architect who can create the next generation of CleanRobotics technology. You will join passionate innovators who seek to change how we deal with waste.

Role:  The Principal Software Architect will play a pivotal role in planning, developing, and refining the software stack for growth. You will oversee strategic planning and execution of our Computer Vision Model pipeline, as well as lead the refinement of our Back-End Data Storage, and Customer Facing Dashboard with the support of our team/resources.


  • Collaborate with key internal stakeholders in the engineering organization and business
  • Advocate/enforce best practices for performance, reliability, scalability, security, and reusability at the organization level
  • Be a hands-on architect with an understanding of how the various systems and components connect and interact
  • Write code to implement key features, patterns, systems, and prototypes that guide the team’s technical direction.
  • Assess risks, make trade-offs, and offer a solution over others
  • Provide domain expertise and engineering insight to guide designs, accelerate project decision making, and maintain oversight of technical execution
  • Bring industry-wide perspective, knowledge of existing resources and tools, and ability to discover new ones as needed to make effective build/buy recommendations

Desired Skills

  • 5+ years’ experience building full-stack software solutions
  • Interest/experience in SQL and/or NoSQL
  • Coding experience in relevant languages and platforms such as Python, R, C++, Java, Jupyter, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Tableau
  • Interest/experience in deployment, integration, and operations on a cloud platform such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform
  • BS in Computer Science, Data Science or equivalent work experience (self-taught and bootcampers are welcome!)
  • Experience writing for or presenting to technical and business audiences.


  • Cares about creating a positive impact in the world
  • Extraordinary drive and focus on long-term value
  • Bright, quick, articulate, excellent presentation and interpersonal skills, and able to adapt to different constituencies.
  • Viewed as a team player who also possesses the independence of thought and opinion to provide candor and honesty when making engineering decisions
  • Detail-oriented, but also a strategic thinker

Other Considerations

Work experience in startups or as an entrepreneur and an interest in learning or integrating Computer Vision technology.

If you believe you have the unique blend of knowledge, skills, drive, and abilities, we invite you to explain to us why you think you would fit in, how you could help build the firm, and what you could bring to the role. Please submit your resume, a link to your portfolio, and—in lieu of a cover letter—please write a statement about your reasons for applying and how you believe you can contribute to CleanRobotics.