The technology startup unveils new visual identity and the next generation of TrashBot Zero

CleanRobotics has undergone a complete brand refresh. Driven by the launch of the next generation of their flagship product, TrashBot Zero, they are entering a new chapter focused on clean data to empower a zero-waste future. 

“We’re so excited about the latest TrashBot Zero,” said Charles Yhap, CleanRobotics’ CEO. “As we move to the next phase of the company’s growth, we’re updating our look and feel to align with the values that drive us. People come to us for the innovative technologies we’ve built around zero waste and a circular economy; But stay for the data-driven insights we can provide to advance recycling and composting programs.”

CleanRobotics applies innovative AI and robotic solutions to revolutionize recycling and other persistent environmental problems. The TrashBot smart bin has been launched internationally in airports, hospitals, and several high-traffic facilities. 

About the rebrand

The new branding is rooted in the company’s values for innovation, zero waste, recycling, and data-driven user education. CleanRobotics looks to position itself as a strong technology parent brand anticipating future innovations in addition to TrashBot.

About TrashBot Zero

TrashBot is a smart bin that ensures the capture of recyclable materials, improves on-site and user-facing waste diversion 300% more accurately than human beings. 

The new generation of TrashBot Zero features a sleek exterior design with a robust analytics dashboard, giving facilities unprecedented data into their waste and custodial operations. Made in America with recyclable materials, TrashBot Zero is here to change the way facilities solve for zero-waste.

“With the newest generation of TrashBot Zero and CleanRobotics analytics, we’re going to help organizations achieve waste sustainability goals thought unattainable just years ago.” said co-founder and VP of Engineering Tanner Cook.

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Media Contact: Frank Fimbres, Marketing Lead