Shaping the Future of Waste Management

At CleanRobotics we’re building intelligent waste management systems using AI and robotics to empower a sustainable future.

The role of recycling and technology in the climate race

In 7 years, Earth’s temperature will increase by 1.5 ºC, from which there may be no return. Good news – making materials from recycled inputs is less carbon-intensive than using raw materials. CleanRobotics’ recycling can help and there are “tons” of room for improvement.

Did you know that only 6% of plastic is recycled?* Today, most recycling bins are dumped in the trash. We need smarter bins to achieve better results.

*National Environmental Agency Stats (2021)

Welcome to the zero-waste revolution

CleanRobotics is creating innovative and cost-effective solutions for a sustainable tomorrow. Our hardware provides clean data that empowers decision-making for our clients’ zero-waste vision; going above and beyond the impact of previous recycling breakthroughs. CleanRobotics data and technology are revolutionizing recycling as we know it.

    Data-driven education & insights
    Circular Economy & zero waste
    Recycling & composting

    Introducing TrashBot’s smart recycling technology

    CleanRobotics is disrupting the recycling industry by eliminating human error and collecting data on everything that passes through a TrashBot.

    TrashBot is a smart recycling bin that sorts items at the point of disposal

    Using robotics, computer vision, and machine learning, TrashBot identifies and sorts items into their corresponding bins located inside the system. By eliminating errors in the users’ decision-making process, we’re able to recover circular materials with 95% accuracy.

    Increase user education

    Recycling and composting rules are confusing. Popular non-recyclable items, such as coffee cups, are often thrown into the recycling bin, while water bottles end up in landfills.

    Reduce recyclables contamination

    Unfortunately, circular materials can no longer be recovered when mixed with landfill items. Facilities struggle to achieve acceptable thresholds and avoid fines.

    Positive recycling ROI

    Due to a lack of data and a reliance on public participation, zero waste plans can be very expensive to execute.

    In the cloud and on-demand data

    The recycling bin of the future doesn’t stop there. In addition to sorting, TrashBot generates waste audits, triggers fullness alerts, and features a large display with educational content. Thanks to cloud connectivity, your TrashBot fleet is always ready when you need it and only gets smarter over time.

    Zero Waste solution for high-traffic facilities

    TrashBot is an excellent solution for areas where large numbers of people dispose of things without a second thought, such as airports, hospitals, stadiums, and overall high-traffic facilities with Zero Waste goals.

    TrashBoard: Collect waste data & analytics to empower decision-making

    CleanRobotics provides an intuitive dashboard where facilities can monitor bin capacity, track types of waste and make informed decisions.


    • On-demand and exportable waste audits 
    • Diversion and expense projections 
    • Fullness and TrashBot status for custodial operations 
    • Customizable AI for compliance
    TrashBoard CleanRobotics

    Our commitment to building a greener tomorrow

    “Companies like CleanRobotics are demonstrating true leadership in developing innovative products that improve the environment and quality of life in our communities. The commercialization of the company’s trash sorting and auditing system will enhance recycling efforts across a wide range of applications and customers.”

    — EPA Regional Administrator K.C. Becker

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