In honor of Earth Day, the new models enable facilities to further optimize their sorting and recycling programs.

CleanRobotics Inc. announced today that it will begin offering two additional models of TrashBot, their automated waste sorting solution. TrashBot Zero is the world’s first automated waste sorting solution capable of managing 3-4 separate streams of waste (recyclable, compostable, landfill, etc.), while the TrashBot Slim is a smaller, more economical version of the original TRASHBOT, designed for forward-thinking office spaces and small businesses. These new models will help a wider range of customers maximize their recycling potential.

“The original TrashBot separates waste into two streams – recyclable from landfill. More recently we’ve seen a global shift towards three to four streams of waste, which motivated us to create TrashBot Zero,” said Tanner Cook, CleanRobotics co-founder and VP of Engineering.

“The fundamental issue is that humans get confused about where to put their waste, and this creates massive problems for recyclers,” said Charles Yhap, CleanRobotics co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. “TrashBots Slim and Zero allows our technology to be more accessible and affordable to a broader range of public facilities and work-places around the world, increasing our ability to make a difference in terms of carbon emissions and resource conservation.”

TrashBot Zero: Sorts up to Four Streams of Waste

TrashBot Zero is the world’s first automated waste sorting solution capable of identifying up to four separate categories, or streams, of waste. The robot is calibrated based on local recycling rules to maximize diversion from landfills with a sorting accuracy of over 95%, ensuring compliance with local waste rules and mitigating risks of fines. TrashBot Zero includes the CleanRobotics analytics platform, enabling the unit to perform waste audits, calculate diversion rates, determine potential cost savings, and provide granular data on the items collected – all in real-time. TrashBot Zero’s design makes it ideal for stadiums, cafeterias, and other high traffic facilities where visitors dispose of compostable food waste alongside common trash and recycling, increasing recovery of recyclable materials and decreasing contamination at an unprecedented rate. The included 55-inch display can help educate users with recycling tips configured based upon facility-specific challenges learned through the analytics platform.  

TrashBot Slim: Powerful Features in Half the Footprint

Measuring 50% smaller than the original TrashBot, TrashBot Slim offers similar capabilities at a lower price point. The unit features a stainless-steel body, a 55” display, and the CleanRobotics analytics platform. TrashBot Slim’s size, price, and sorting accuracy of 95% for 2 streams makes it perfect for a variety of locations including office spaces and small businesses.

Smart Bins Save Time

Both TrashBot Zero and TrashBot Slim include capacity monitoring indicators to help custodians
optimize their workflow and spend less time checking bins. With visual notifications and direct communication, staff will always know when the bin needs to be emptied, making the need for manual checks obsolete. 

Pricing & Availability

TRASHBOT Zero and TRASHBOT Slim will be available for order on April 22 with a one-year standard warranty. Pricing is dependent on the number of units ordered. For more information, visit

About CleanRobotics

CleanRobotics is focused on combining hardware, software, and the Internet of Things to bring new life to recycling programs and the circular economy. Founded in 2015, the CleanRobotics team is driven by the core belief that sorting waste before it reaches recycling facilities is the most effective way to retrieve and maintain the value of recyclable commodities. Their flagship product, TrashBot, has been proven to reduce contamination at the point of disposal with a sorting accuracy of 95%. For more information about CleanRobotics, please visit

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(1) Specifications may vary depending on the model. (2) Accuracy statistics are based on real world data collected. Actual accuracy may vary depending on the facility as well as environmental factors, including calibration and types of waste. (3) Real time analytics require placement of the unit in a location with cellular network connectivity.