Photo – Kate, Program Director at HAX and Ethan, Program Manager at HAX standing beside CleanRobotic’s Trashbot.

We recently completed installed a TrashBot™ in San Francisco. The TrashBot is efficiently sorting waste from recyclables at the HAX office on Jessie Street.

Founded in 2011 by Cyril Ebersweiler, HAX has become one of the largest early-stage investors, offering hardware startups from all over the world the advantages of the startup ecosystems in Shenzhen and San Francisco. The HAX program is a two-stage program that starts in Shenzhen and finishes in San Francisco. Companies that are admitted to the program spend four to eight months in Shenzhen developing technology, followed by two to three months in San Francisco, working on business development, fundraising, and growth. You can learn more about the program here

CleanRobotics is part of the HAX portfolio and went through the program in 2016. The first working prototypes were built during the Shenzhen program. Charles (CEO) describes his experience with HAX as “A whirl-wind of incredible productivity that is not possible anywhere else in the world. The pace at which you can test hardware and iterate ideas is astounding. The team’s incredible support provides a soft-landing and a running start to make the absolute most of the time you’re there.”

TrashBot received a warm welcome by the team at HAX and has already started generating buzz among the investors visiting the HAX office. We are beyond excited about this installation and the expansion of our footprint. San Francisco is the second city, after Seattle, on the West Coast to get a TrashBot.

If you get a chance, go check out the TrashBot and let us know if you have any comments. We love hearing from people who share our mission and want to help us improve our product.