LONGMONT, CO.–The National Aviary in Pittsburgh and recycling tech startup CleanRobotics are excited to announce a partnership to implement TrashBot at the facility. The National Aviary, using a generous grant from Posner Foundation, chose the smart recycling bin as part of a food waste reduction education program. 

“Food waste is a conservation challenge that we can all influence. The TrashBot, along with the National Aviary’s food waste reduction education program, will provide a chance for our guests to learn about the problems of food waste while also understanding how our choices can make a difference every day,” says Conor McGarvey, Director of Facility Development and Operations for the National Aviary. “We are grateful to the Posner Foundation for their support of this partnership with CleanRobotics and for the opportunity to bring this innovative technology to the National Aviary’s guests.” 

The National Aviary will use TrashBot to help guests learn about food waste and its detrimental effects on birds and their ecosystems. The Aviary will also gather data and insights to develop a more comprehensive waste management program, all with the welfare of birds in mind. The Aviary hopes that with the help of TrashBot’s data and education, Aviary visitors will be encouraged and empowered to reduce their food waste. 

TrashBot is a smart recycling bin that sorts waste at the point of disposal with 95% accuracy. Through AI, robotics, computer vision, and machine learning, its recycling technology sorts the item into the corresponding bin inside, reducing contamination and recovering more circular materials. TrashBot has proven to be an excellent solution for high-traffic areas where improper sorting and excessive contamination have been considerable obstacles to successful recycling and composting. 

“Educating the world on the effect that waste can have is a core value of CleanRobotics. We’re proud and excited to deploy our system to the National Aviary with the help of the Posner Foundation, organizations that also believe in the value of education and sustainability. We hope interactions with TrashBot will inspire curiosity and the opportunity for anyone to learn a bit more about how waste works,” says Tanner Cook, Senior VP of Engineering for CleanRobotics. 

TrashBot’s tenure at the National Aviary will continue to increase diversion rates and accelerate food waste education. Looking to the future, the Aviary hopes TrashBot will inform more sustainable waste management and help identify opportunities for improvement. 

Located in Allegheny Commons Park on Pittsburgh’s historic Northside, the National Aviary is home to more than 500 birds representing more than 150 species from around the world, many of them threatened or endangered in the wild. ​​Dynamic education programming led by the National Aviary’s educators brings the fascinating world of birds and their habitats to diverse audiences and instills a conservation ethic that teaches the responsibility we all share in being stewards of our planet. 

A mission-driven company combining recycling AI, robotics, computer vision, and machine learning, CleanRobotics brings new life to recycling programs and the circular economy. The CleanRobotics team is driven by the core belief that sorting waste accurately at the source is the best way to ensure recyclables and other recoverable materials are diverted from landfills, driving substantial environmental impact. CleanRobotics’ mission ensures the effectiveness of recycling programs at high-traffic facilities while securing the ROI of such programs. 

To learn more about TrashBot, visit www.cleanrobotics.com

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