CleanRobotics, in partnership with RiverRoad Waste Solutions, recently completed the implementation of the revolutionary TrashBot™ at the University of North Carolina (UNC) – Charlotte. This ground-breaking technology has been installed at the University’s EPIC center, a state-of-the-art research facility focused on educating students with energy-related interests.

The TrashBot uses cameras and sensors to scan items as they enter a waste bin. Artificial intelligence is then employed to sort the items into their respective waste or recycling class. CleanRobotics boasts an astonishing 90% sorting accuracy rate, which is projected to further increase as the technology learns and continues to be refined. The solution is enhanced with a SaaS dashboard, which provides granular waste data and enables transparency into a facility’s waste stream.

UNC-Charlotte has been committed to sustainability since 2010, with several goals in progress that are focused on education, research, operational activities, and more. With over 130 identified sustainability goals across seven themes, UNC-Charlotte seeks to understand its impact to the environment and become a regional model for sustainable stewardship.

“The TrashBot installation at UNC-Charlotte is one of many in our rapidly growing network of TrashBots around the globe, which includes high-density facilities like airports, malls, and office buildings,” Charles Yhap, CleanRobotics CEO, said. “Their custodial staff fully embraced the technology during their training. They were especially intrigued with the TrashBot™ sensor technology, which indicates bin fullness, as being a significant time-saver for their activities.”