No one likes dealing with trash. That’s a given, right? Yet whatever passes for tech in waste management hasn’t changed in decades. Looks like an outfit called CleanRobotics is ready to help us out, though, with their new TrashBot.

TrashBot looks like a commercial waste station on the outside–the kind of recycling and trash setup you’d see in some restaurants. Beneath its surface, however, CleanRobotics has created a system utilizing artificial intelligence, cameras and mechanical robotics to sort whatever you throw away into actual garbage and recyclables.

Sure, someone with mechanical ability could probably put this together in their garage, but they couldn’t claim, as CleanRobotics does, a 90% sorting accuracy rate–supposedly much more accurate than a human sorter.

It is, then, eminently useful, especially perhaps for small business owners who deal with a wide variety of waste matter but sometimes limited time to work out what to dispose of and what to recycle.

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